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Desktop Data Recovery 101 | Why Choose File Savers?

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What Makes File Savers Different Than The Rest?

Data recovery from failed hard drives is very specialized and complicated. It requires very advanced equipment, machines, tools, training, experience, patience, knowledge and determination to be successful. Some cases are far more complicated than others to recover. Most data recovery companies can recover the average failed hard drive. It's what we do when we run into the more complicated cases that make's us great! We use our decades of experience and our high level of determination to discover solutions to recover these cases when other companies will simply call your case unrecoverable.

We are known for going above and beyond to recover the data for our clients no matter how complicated or time consuming your case is. Even if it means losing money in the process!

We continually work to discover new solutions to recover data from difficult and complicated cases that other companies would and do call unrecoverable. Our engineers have decades of experience and have worked with literally every hard drive ever made. We have the experience, expertise and most importantly......the determination to give you the results you deserve.

How Do you Know If Your Case Is Difficult or Not?

You don't! There are just so many hard drive models and they fail in such a wide variety of ways, sometimes, it's impossible to know if your case will be extremely complicated or not until we get into the recovery process.

We Have the Most Affordable Prices!

When comparing File Savers to other full service data recovery labs, our prices are the best in the industry. In most cases, we will save you $500 to $1000 over what our apples to apples competitors will charge you.

How The Process Works and Why!

First: We need to consult with you to learn about your situation. We need to know how quickly you need your data back, the type and size of your hard drive and it's failure symptoms.

Next: We will then provide you with a rough estimate quote to recover your files. We will then provide you with a formal quote via e-mail and instructions to get your hard drive to our nearest lab to start the Free evaluation process by one of our expert data recovery engineers.

Finally: Once the evaluation has been completed, one of our data recovery advisors will provide you with your evaluation results and a firm price for a successful recovery of your data. You will then let us know if you would like us to attempt recovery of your failed hard drive or not.

The Recovery: When you tell us to move forward with the recovery of your hard drive, we will add it to our recovery queue and begin the recovery attempt of your hard drive in the order it is received. If you need your data recovered more quickly, you can upgrade your service to our Standard, Rush or Emergency service for an increased fee. We will update you along the way via e-mail and save your recovered data to your chosen target drive. A final invoice will be created and your data will be returned to you as soon as we have received full payment.

We guarantee successful recovery of your failed hard drive or there is no charge.

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