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File Savers Privacy Policy

Handling Your Personal Identification Infomation

We do not sell, trade or provide personal information that we gather to 3rd party companies.


Handling of Non Personal Identification Information

We follow HIPPA and PCI compliance in protecting and securing all personal information that we gather before, durring or after the data recovery process and we do not sell, trade or provide information to 3rd party companies or individuals.



We do share testimonials provided by our customers through on our website.


Web Browser Cookies

Our website does have cookies activated for the purposes of making the website user experience better. Nearly all websites today use cookies. Cookie's are a small file that is stored on the users hard drive to help speed up the load time of a previously visited webpages. Cookies can be deleted from the users computer at anytime.


How We Use the Information We Collect

We may use your informaton to send you emails or in rare occasions, we may give you a call for further offers, promotions, etc... Non identifcation information that we recover from our customers hard drives is safely stored for approximatly 2 weeks from the time we return the recovered data to our clients. We then promptly wipe the data from the drives to zeros making the drive like brand new. The drive will then go back into the lab for further data recovery case usage.