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File Savers Data Recovery | Extreme Cases
Data Recovery From Extreme Hard Drive Failures

These are some real cases that have been successfully recovered
by File Savers specialized data recovery engineers.

Laptop Run Over by a Car:
One of our engineers recently recovered the data from a customers laptop computer that was run over by a car. On his way to work, with his hands full, he set his laptop on the top of his car. He then got into his car and forgot to grab his computer from the top. As he started to drive away, his laptop fell from on top of his car and he ran it over. When his computer was received, our engineer was shocked to see the computer was completely bent in half and the drive was seriously damaged.

The hard drive was actually bent to the point that it would not sit flat on the table. Had the drive bent anymore than it did, the platters would have certainly shattered into thousands of pieces (since the platters are actually made of glass then coated in metal). There was quite a bit of stress on the platters and the motor would not spin at all because it was bound by the stress of the bent chassis. Our data recovery engineers successfully completed all of the clean room work and we were able to completely recover 100% of the data.

Laptop Dropped from 2nd Story Apartment:
One of our engineers recovered the data from a laptop that was dropped from a 2 story apartment when a couple got into an argument and in the heat of the argument, she threw the laptop out the door of their apartment. It fell all the way to the ground and broke into pieces. The hard drive sustained serious damage but our engineers were able to successfully repair the physically damaged hard drive enough to successfully extract and recover all the data.

Business Burned to the Ground:
One of our engineers very recently worked on a case that came from a customer who's business burned to the ground. They had an external drive that was inside of a safe but the fire was so hot it completely melted the plastic external hard drive enclosure to almost nothing. As our engineer chipped the plastic from the hard drive he found that the hard drives label that identifies the make model was completely gone.

When our engineer opened the drive, he found the plastic head rest inside the drive was completely melted and the heads were seriously damaged. He also found damage to the motor. The platters sustained smoke damage and the PCB board was also seriously damaged. Because of our engineers extensive hard drive knowledge, he was able to identify the make and model of the drive which allowed him to source the correct replacement parts. Through extensive clean room procedures, he was able to get the drive reading enough to recover the data. The process was very slow but in the end, our engineer successfully recovered the data.