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We developed our consumer based data recovery service options for people just like you. We offer consumers like you the same level of technology and effort that our business customers get at the lowest possible price. Our market research tells us that most consumers care more about price than recovery time frame as long as their files are successfully recovered.

This information has helped us create our industry changing consumer based data recovery service.

Benefits of our consumer based in-lab data recovery service.

Guaranteed Recovery: of your data or there is no charge to you!

bullet point Safe and Secure: your recovered data is always kept private and stored off line in our secure vault then wipe it within 30 days of your case being closed.

bullet point Honest Business Practices: We price your recovery based on the actual failure.

bullet point All Failure Types: Clicking, beeping, dead, not recognized, not spinning, deleted, formatted, viruses, not booting, boots in loop, blue screen, black screen, file folder with question mark.

bullet point All File Types: Pictures, movies, music, Microsoft Office documents, Turbo Tax files, Outlook, Quicken, Photoshop, PDF and and many more.

bullet point All Device Types: Laptop, desktop, external, all RAID's, NAS, flash drives, camera cards, CD, DVD.

bullet point All Operating Systems and File Systems: Windows, Mac, Linux.


Most Reasonable Price: in our industry for mechanically failed hard drives requiring clean room data recovery service.

Free Diagnosis and evaluation so we can determine the actual failure of your hard drive and provide you with a firm price before we start the recovery process.

Guaranteed Recovery: of your data or there is no charge to you!

We Won't Give Up: Until we have exhausted every possible solution to recover your files... even if it takes us longer or is more difficult than our original quoted time frame.

World Leading Engineers: who specialize in working with extreme hard drive failures including drives that are clicking, have been dropped or have been involved in a natural disaster such as flood, fire, lightning, earthquake, etc...

Most Advanced Equipment & Tools: that help us stay on the cutting edge so we have more capabilities and options to recover your data than our competition. We often recover data that others couldn't.

Safe & Secure: We're HIPPA and PCI compliant. Your recovered data is always stored off line in our secure vault where it is kept private then permanently wiped within 30 days after your case is closed.

Manufacturer Approved by all the leading hard drive manufactures to open and recover data from your failed hard drive in our ISO 5 Class 100 clean room without voiding your warranty.

All Desktop Hard Drive & Computer Failures: We recover data from all mechanically and logically failed hard drives and desktop computers including those that are clicking, beeping, buzzing, dead, not recognized and not spinning, deleted, formatted, infected with viruses, won't boot, boots in a loop, blue screens, black screens or boots to file folder with question mark.

We Recover All Types of Data: Office documents, spread sheets, pictures, images, e-mail, SQL, QuickBooks, Virtual machines, Peachtree, videos, CAD files, all database files, etc...

All Desktop Hard Drive Brands: Western Digital, Seagate, Toshiba, Samsung, Fujitsu, Hitachi, HGST, Quantum and Maxtor.

All Desktop Computer Brands: Dell, HP, Compaq, Lenovo, Asus, Acer, Samsung, Mac /Apple, Alienware, Sony, Gateway, MSI, iBUYPOWER, avatar and more...

All Operating Systems: Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix, Novell, NAS, VMFS (VMware).

About Our Clean Room Data Recovery Lab

File Savers Data Recovery engineers work in our dust free and static free ISO 5 class 100 clean room environment. Our clean room environment is designed to eliminate any chance of dust entering your drive during the data recovery process. Our strict cleanliness is just another way we prove we are doing everything we can to give you the highest chance of recovery possible.

Our Data Recovery Engineers

File Savers Data Recovery engineers are what separate us from our competition. File Savers believes in never giving up when it comes to difficult data recovery cases. When other data recovery companies throw in the towel because a case is too difficult or is going to take too long....File Savers Engineers press forward with a never give up attitude. This is what allows us to advance our data recovery skill set beyond the typical certifications customers would expect from a data recovery service like ours. We won't give up until we have definitively determined that your data absolutely can not be recovered from your failed hard drive, RAID or other type of media device. This is why we can often recover data from hard drives and RAID's other companies call unrecoverable.

Our Data Recovery Tools

File Savers is dedicated and determined to always keep and maintain the most up to date and advanced data recovery tools, software and machines our industry has to offer. Our advanced tool set allows our engineers to keep File Savers ahead of the competition so we can maintain our industry leading recovery rates.

Our Data Recovery Procedures

File Savers has developed its own proprietary procedures that allow us to maintain our HIPPA and PCI compliance (handling of patient and financial data) throughout the data recovery process. From our quote request forms and custom tracking software to our in house policies and procedures, File Savers understands that this process is all about you and your data. We are determined to give you the best experience possible and to maintain the highest level of confidentiality and security along the way.

We make the data recovery process simple, secure and fair: You can either bring your hard drive to one of our 60 offices around the country or we will e-mail you a FedEx shipping label to get your hard drive safely to our main clean room lab at no cost to you. There, our experienced engineers will use the most advanced data recovery tools in the world along with their extensive experience to help us determine the exact failure of your hard drive. This will allow us to provide you with the most accurate quote possible. We will then call you back and provide you with a firm price for a successful recovery of your data. At that point.....you will decide if you want us to attempt recovery of your data or not. Finally, we will save all your recovered data to a USB external hard drive for easy access to all your recovered files. We guarantee a successful recovery of your data or there is no charge.

Warning: Never open your hard drive yourself. Never push down on the lid of your drive. Never put your drive in the freezer. Never tap, hit or drop your hard drive. If you believe your hard drive is failing, turn it off and do not continue to apply power to it. Hard drives are extremely sensitive and can easily be made unrecoverable.

File Savers is manufacturer approved to recover your data from your failed media device in our ISO 5 class 100 clean room environment without voiding your warranty.



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