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Computer repair professionals, IT professionals, fortune 500 companies, universities, government agencies and non profit organizations all over the country recommend File Savers as their go to trusted data recovery service provider. With over 150 service centers nationwide, we can help you get the process started today! In many cases we can recover your data in less than 24-48 hours.

We are known for resurrecting files from failed hard drives and other electronic storage devices like SSD's, flash drives, phones & RAID servers that other companies simply can't. We have fair prices and a never give up attitude which allows us to find solutions to problems that others don't. We have rigid privacy and security protocols that ensure our customers information is always kept safe, secure and private. Finally, we are committed to excellence and fanatical customer service. We believe in always putting our customers first. That's why we go above and beyond to take your call and help you with your data recovery request after hours, on the weekends and even when it's not convenient for us. We do this because we truly understand how important your files are to you.

Regardless of why our customers choose us... we continue to push the limits of what's possible in data recovery. We do everything we can to achieve greatness in all aspects of recovering data from dead, broken & failed hard drives, flash drives, phones and multiple hard drive RAID servers. We feel our company will give you the best possible likelihood of getting your data back every single time... no matter the problem. Even if it means going beyond our quoted recovery time frame or your case requires more work than originally estimated.



File Savers Gives You The Best Chance of Successful Data RecoveryHighest Success Rates: We wont stop until we have exhausted all solutions to retrieve your data. File Savers Beyond Certified EngineersBeyond Certified: Going above traditional training to solve the most complicated recoveries.
File Savers Has A No Data No Charge PolicyNo Data No Charge: We stand behind our work. Guaranteed to recover data or there's no charge.

File Savers ISO 5 Class 100 Clean RoomISO 5 Clean Room: So dust and debris won't enter your HDD during the retrieval process.
File Savers HIPPA & PCI Compiant Trusted Data Recovery Service ProviderTrusted & Secure: HIPPA & PCI compliant so you can trust your files are always safe and secure. 24/7 Emergency Fastest Data Recovery ServiceFastest Service: 24/7 Emergency Service available so we can have your files back in your hands fast.
File Savers Has The Most Experienced RAID Data Recovery EngineersExperienced Engineers: Means we have seen it all! If it's possible to recover, we'll get it. File Savers Custom Data Recovery Tools & TechniquesCustom Tools & Techniques:Proprietary tools & techniques to help us resurrect data others can't.

File Savers has quickly become one of the most trusted and recommended data retrieval service providers in the United States. We have over 150 service centers to help you get the data recovery process started locally. We also offer affordable prices, fast service, outstanding customer care, immediate US based phone support, after hours help and the highest success rates in our industry.

If we can't recover it, we're sure no one one else can either! We have proven we can recover data others simply can't. We have a team of engineers that simply don't give up until they have exhausted every possible solution to retrieve your important files. We pride ourselves in providing fair priced clean room data recovery services with the highest recovery success rates.

We resurrect data from dead, failed, clicking, unrecognized, crashed, damaged and broken hard drives, RAID servers, flash drives, camera cards, SSD's, virtual machines, iPhones, Android phones and NAS devices in our ISO 5 Class 100 clean room. We are highly recognized as one of the go to RAID server data recovery companies for RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 10, RAID 5 and RAID 6 arrays.


We offer the fastest 24/7 Emergency data retrieval service for businesses with time critical data.

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File Savers is a A+ Rated from the Better Business Bureau, Fanatical about customer service excellence, has a class 100 ISO 5 clean room and is HIPPA & PCI compliant. This means we are set up to handle and recover highly secure and government regulated computer files. This makes us the perfect selection for healthcare providers, financial institutions, large corporations and other businesses with highly secure and confidential information. Our engineers are also experienced with nearly all levels and brands of hard drive encryption so we can help you successfully retrieve your data from any failed media device.



Clean Room: Selecting a company with a clean room is very important. A clean room is a dust free, static free environment where a professional data recovery service opens your hard drive to effectively repair physical damage sustained when it failed without letting damaging dust particles into your hard drive. It's one of the first and most important steps to successfully recovering data from a crashed hard drive. We know of some companies that advertise they have a clean room when in reality, they don't. You should always demand proof via pictures or videos that the company your thinking of using has a proper clean room where they can safely open your hard drive. We very clearly show you real pictures & videos of our clean room right here on our website.

Customer Reviews: Customer testimonials are a great way for a data recovery company to show you they do good work. The problem is.... some data retrieval services use review software that allows them to hide poor reviews. This works great for them but not so good for customers wanting to know the truth about the company they are researching. With hundreds of positive reviews, File Savers customers only leave their reviews in public places that can't be hidden like Google, Facebook and Yelp. We do this so our customers know we are transparent. When you read File Savers customer reviews you can rest assured they are real, unedited and uncensored views of it's customer opinions.

Advanced Capabilities: Many companies offer data recovery services but are limited in their capabilities. This means they don't save data that should be saved. It also means they put your data at a higher risk because they don't have the training, tools or equipment required to handle more difficult cases properly. Can you imagine having a heart attack and being rushed to a heart specialist who doesn't have the ability, knowledge, training or experience to perform a life saving heart surgery? It doesn't make any sense right? At File Savers, we have experienced engineers, extensive training and world class tools, equipment and facilities to recover data from virtually any situation. If your data is possible to recover, we will give you the best chance to save it.

Prices: Prices can tell you a lot about a companies capabilities, expertise, equipment, security, organization and excellence. It takes a lot of money to run a quality data recovery company. It also takes a lot more time and specialized training to successfully recover the highest percentage of mechanically failed hard dives as possible. Low priced data recovery is simply not a sustainable business model because it's not possible to be low priced and have the highest success rates. This is due to the large amounts of time it takes to recover clicking, crashed and media damaged hard drives. If you see companies advertising much lower prices than everyone else, it's a really good sign their capabilities are inferior as well. Considering you may only have one chance to successfully recover your data, you should make sure you select the right company the first time. Sending your crashed hard drive to one of these low priced data recovery companies could actually destroy your only chance of getting your irreplaceable data back. Fair and competitive prices are important but should never trump selecting a company who will give you the best chance to recover your data. That's why File Savers is focused on having world class data recovery engineers, equipment & tools. What really separates File Savers from the rest of the pack is our business model to never give up. We simply won't give up until we have exhausted every possible solution to recover your data and that's simply not possible from low priced data recovery services.

Company Size: one or two man shops have massive limitations because they simply don't have the money, experience, equipment or tools to give customers the best possible chance to successfully recover their critical data. At File Savers, we have multiple world class dedicated data recovery engineers and professional advisors assigned to your individual case to keep it moving forward continually for the best experience possible.

Security & Privacy: is vitally important for obvious reasons. We know of plenty of dishonest data recovery companies and we have seen first hand why security and privacy is so important. At File Savers, our lab is kept separate from other areas and customer data access is only allowed by authorized personnel. Each individual is background tested and must pass several security tests in order to handle customer data.

Organization & Cleanliness: Everyone has seen a disorganized messy work space vs a clean, tidy and organized one. We know of a few data recovery service providers that do not have clean work environments despite their stating so on their websites. A business with a clean and organized work space has large advantages of increased efficiency, higher percentage of success, faster work speeds and higher office moral. At File Savers, we utilize organization to the max. We spend thousands of dollars per year making sure our office, lab and shipping areas are well kept, clean and organized. Some of this can be easily seen in our videos.

Local To United States:There are several data recovery companies advertising here in the USA that will ship your hard drive to Canada or Europe without you knowing about it. How is that possible you ask? They start by advertising local with a convincing website. Next, they will have you drop your hard drive off at a local Regus office making you believe the work will be done locally. Once your gone, the company provides a shipping label to the Regus office and your hard drive gets shipped out of the country. File Savers has over 150 service centers in the USA where we actually do work, perform the initial diagnosis and determine if your drive has to go to the clean room lab or not. If the clean room lab is required, it's sent by FedEx express to our world class lab in Montana where we have some of the best data recovery technicians, equipment and tools in the nation all working together to save your data.


Can You Recover Data Every Time...From Every Device?

That's kind of like asking if a doctor can save every person that comes into the hospital. Unfortunately, most of the devices we receive are physically broken, mechanically failed, crashed or corrupted. The truth is.....the best data recovery companies in the world are only successfully recovering about 80% to 85% of the drives they receive. Some companies say they recover 97%. This is a true number but it only represents a certain demographic such as hard drives without scratched platters, hard disks that are not clicking or hard drives that are not overwritten. While no one can recover data from every device, if it's possible to recover your data from your failed hard drive, SSD, Flash Drive or RAID, File Savers will recover it.


What would make a hard drive impossible to recover?

There are actually several things that can make a hard drive impossible to recover but the most common is something we call rotational scoring. Rotational scoring is physical scratches caused by the read/write heads making contact with the disk platters during operation. In most cases, these scratches that break the surface area of the hard drives platter to the point where it is usually visible with the naked eye. The cause is the heads of the hard drive making direct contact with the platter surface while the platters are spinning. Many times this happens to external hard drives or laptop hard drives when they are dropped. Other times it happens from age, heat or some other type of physical stress. Clicking is a sign your hard drive has a significant head crash and head failure. Clicking is often times a sign that the platters of your hard drive may be scored. Hard drives are mechanical devices and break down over time. This is one reason SSD's (Solid State Drives) have become more popular. They are not as prone to damage from being dropped. Make no mistake though, SSD's still fail and many of them are failing very quickly. Some SSD's can be brutally difficult, very expensive or even impossible to recover. The best thing you can do to protect your data is to keep multiple copies of your data on multiple different storage devices.


Can't You Just Recover Data From The Non Scratched Areas of The Hard Drive?

In some cases we can.... but it's not that simple. There are many factors that play a role in whether or not recovering data from a scratched drive is possible. Make, model, severity of the scratch and location of the scratch all play a role in determining if it's possible to recover the data from one of these catastrophic situations. The truth is, most drives that are scored can't be recovered. Almost all drives that are scored have one common symptom, clicking. Some makes and models will click and shut down and others will just click and click and click. If your hard drive is making clicking sounds or is no longer recognized by your computer and it has important data that you don't want to lose, you need to shut the drive off and stop powering it on immediately. Every time you power the drive on, the damage will become worse and worse until it becomes impossible for anyone to recover the data from it.


Why Can't Data Be Recovered From Most Hard Drives With Scratched Platters?

Some people ask, can't you just take the platters out and read them? The answer is no.... There is no device made that can read the platters of a hard drive. Each HDD contains drive specific firmware / software that make it operational and also translates physical sectors into logical sectors. Hard drives write data using an electromagnetic algorithm that is different from hard drive to hard drive. Data recovery requires physical repair of the device using identical donor parts taken from a drive manufactured from the same factory and within days or weeks of the dead patient drive.

So can't you just replace the damaged heads with new heads from a donor drive and read the data on the non scratched areas? On rare occasions yes but in most cases that does not work because as soon as the donor parts are fired up inside the scratched platter hard drive, the new heads float over the scratched area and are immediately destroyed. The heads are destroyed because the scratched area makes contact with the hard drive heads causing massive friction and heat which is why they are instantly destroyed. Unfortunately, there is no way to isolate the heads from going over the scratched area in most cases.


What Happens If You Can't Recover My Data?

Of course we will always try to recover every file along with the original file structure from your hard drive, RAID, SSD, flash drive or camera card. Sometimes that is simply not possible due to media damage. This is why we gather a list of the most important files you need. If we are unable to recover any data from your storage media device there will be absolutely no charge for the recovery attempt (except in rare cases when we charge an attempt fee due to unusual circumstances such as; previously opened drives, flooded drives, deleted data, certain types of smart phones and/or other situations that make data recovery much more difficult and time consuming than normal or strongly decrease our chances of recovery).

Warning: Never open your hard drive yourself. Never push down on the lid of your drive. Never put your drive in the freezer. Never tap, hit or drop your hard drive. If you believe your hard drive is failing, turn it off and do not continue to apply power to it. Hard drives are extremely sensitive and can easily be made unrecoverable.