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Please call for a quick consultation and estimate before you bring your failed media device to our Chicago office. We need to know what type of device you have, the failure symptoms and how quickly you need your data recovered. 312-376-8332

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After you receive your quote, bring your media device to our Chicago office or ship it directly to our lab for your FREE Diagnosis and firm price. If you select Emergency or Rush Service, recovery will begin immediately upon receiving your media device in our lab.

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Our Standard Service includes a FREE diagnosis for all Chicago customers. Diagnosis will be completed by one of our highly trained & experienced engineers. He will locate the cause of failure and inspect for damages which will allow us to provide you with a report & firm price to recover your important files.

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After the diagnosis of your media device, we will call you to go over our findings and provide you with a firm price. Next, we will email the diagnosis report and agreement that you will need to agree to and submit in order for us to move forward with the recovery attempt.

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Upon receiving your approval to attempt recovery, your hard drive will be immediately moved to the recovery queue where the retrieval process will begin soon thereafter. The recovery turnaround time for our Standard Service is estimated 7-14 days.

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When your data recovery has been completed, we will notify you by phone and email. We will also email you a payment link so you can easily pay via credit card or Paypal online. Other payment types are accepted also. Recovered data is returned once full payment has been received.

Get Data Back On New Media Device Get your recovered data back on a new USB external flash drive or hard drive


Upon receiving full payment, we will return your recovered data on a new USB flash drive or hard drive that you provide or purchase from us. For small amounts of data (less than 10GB, we can load it to our server for instant download. If your data requires shipping from our main lab, we will send it 2-3 day or Overnight FedEx Express depending on your request.

File Savers Data Recovery Office Building in Chicago Illinois
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  • Easy access from I-90 & I-290  

    Inbound toward Chicago on WA 509 N: From the East Pilsen area, follow Follow I-90 W for 1.5 miles. Then take exit 51A for Lake Street. After 0.2 miles, turn right onto W Lake St. There will be no street sign, so make sure to turn right at the first stop sign. Then, turn right onto Clinton St. In about 500 feet, turn right onto W Randolph St. We’re located in the Regus-managed office in 564 W Randolph St on the second floor.

    Inbound toward Chicago on I-290: From the Homan Square area, continue on to I-290 E for about 5 miles. Then use the center lane to take the Kennedy Expressway exit toward Wisconsin. Follow the above directions from Exit 51A for Lake St.

  • Cross Streets: Intersects N Clinton St to the east, and N Jefferson St to the west.

  • Landmarks:  Across the street from Actors Federal Credit Union and Proxi.

  • Parking: There’s a parking lot down the block from our building. It’s located at 600 W Randolph St. If you’d like to reserve a spot or review rates, search the lot’s address at spothero.com.

  • Special Instructions:  When you walk in, you won’t see a sign for File Savers in the lobby. Take the elevator to the 2nd floor to the Regus-managed office, and you can submit your device to our receptionist located there. You can fill out at intake form at the location. Or, you can print one and fill it out ahead of time.
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West Side Office

159 N. Sangamon St. Suite 200
Chicago, IL 60607
(Inside Regus Office Complex)


24 Hour Emergency Service Available

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When you’re experiencing data loss, it’s important to consider all symptoms in order to determine the best course of action for your situation. In the event of any of the following circumstances, please keep in mind these four rules: don’t disassemble the device yourself, don’t press down on the drive’s lid, don’t put the device in the freezer, and don’t apply power to the device.

Mechanical Failures: Though most commonly identified by a clicking, buzzing or beeping sound, mechanical failures can exist without any changes to the drive’s sound while it’s running. During a mechanical failure, your computer may not recognize the device, recognize it as the incorrect size, or prevent you from accessing your data. It’s vital in this situation that you do not continue to power on the device. Repeatedly applying power will exacerbate the damage and hinder recovery. Mechanical failures can be caused by trauma to the device, overheating, or wear and tear from long term use.

Natural Disasters: Flooding, fires, or electrical surges can cause mechanical failures. In the case of water damage: don’t let the device dry out. Keep the device wet by sealing it in a plastic bag. If water dries on the platter of a hard disk drive, minerals inside the water will corrode the platter and make the data recovery impossible. When electrical outages or surges occur, if your device is plugged in or in use, your hard drive can be vulnerable to data loss. The Sears Tower, John Hancock building, and Trump Tower have infrastructure to handle Chicago’s famous lightning storms; they’re struck 50-100 times per year. However, many Chicago residents live and work in buildings that are more vulnerable to surges from the intense thunderstorms that often hit the area. It’s important to stop applying power to your device immediately after a surge; continuing to apply power will make it harder to recover your data.

Logical failures: Includes accidental deletion of data, reformatting, or booting errors. These can occur after routine updates or from exposure to viruses. If you have accidentally deleted your data—stop using your device immediately. The more that you use the device after the deletion, the harder it will be to get your data back.

We’ve helped many people in Chicago recover data that seemed to be lost forever, and we can help you too. Once you’ve taken the preliminary measures described here, call File Savers to get a quote and to start your free evaluation.


File Savers Has Achieved an A+ Rating from the Better Busines Bureau Better Business Bureau - A+ Rating


The Better Business Bureau ranks companies based on their timeliness and responsiveness in handling customer concerns. Because we continuously take steps to ensure that our customers are fully satisfied with our data recovery services, our team has proven throughout our history of operation that an A+ rating is well-deserved. When you call our main line, you will not go through a phone tree; you’ll get a real person right away. Any one of our highly qualified sales team will be available—even outside of normal business hours—to address your questions. We genuinely care about returning your data to you. We are proud of our A+ rating with the BBB, and you can count on us to prioritize your data recovery, and to ensure that you have the best customer service experience possible.
File Savers Data Recovery Strives for Customer Service Exelence customer service excellence


With File Savers, customer service is two-fold. Our first goal is to solve your data loss problem. We will work tirelessly to restore your information. What sets us apart from other companies is that we will keep working on your situation until we are 100% sure that there is no hope of recovery. This means that in many instances, we will continue working on a case even if we sacrifice a financial profit in the process. We put our commitment to our customers first. Our second goal is to keep you up to date on the recovery process at every step. When you choose File Savers for your data recovery needs, you can rest assured that you will not be in the dark at any point during data restoration. We are a dedicated team that exists to put your unique, vital—often confidential—data back where it belongs: with you.
File Savers is HIPAA Compliant which means your medical data is in safe hands HIPAA Compliant


HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, governs the way that organizations handle individuals’ protected health information. Passed into law in 1996, the act has forever altered the way that the medical industry—or any industry that deals with protected information—stores and communicates data. As a data recovery company, File Savers is accountable to this law. For prospective clients in the medical field, secure data storage is of boundless importance. If an organization which handles PHI engages our services to recover lost data, it is our most severe professional obligation and legal duty to ensure that this data is kept confidential and secure during all operations inherent in data retrieval. It is our sincere professional guarantee to utilize all technical mechanisms to ensure data security, and to share your information only with those individuals authorized by HIPAA stipulations. Please don’t hesitate to call us with any questions or concerns regarding HIPAA compliance, as we are happy to discuss our measures in further detail.
File Savers is PCI Compliant business which means your financial data is safe PCI DSS Compliant


PCI DSS stands for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards; its rules elucidate industry expectations for data security in handling financial information. Credit card companies like AMEX, Discover, and MasterCard develop and enforce its precepts. If PCI DSS compliance is not maintained at all times, it leaves entities vulnerable to credit card fraud or worse—identity theft. When we work on a recovery for individuals (such as accountants), financial institutions, or government agencies, our company is in a position of power and responsibility over sensitive information—which leaves us solely accountable to protect that information. For instance, we’ve contracted with Wells Fargo bank and the Internal Revenue Service, successfully recovering data for both clients while upholding and exceeding PCI standards. File Savers’ professional guarantee is to treat your data as if it were our own; adhering to PCI DSS is a huge part of how we follow through with that guarantee. We fully comprehend the devastating consequences of maintaining poor data security standards in the modern world. When you choose File Savers for data restoration, you’re choosing safety, security, and strict confidentiality.
We operate an ISO 5/Class 100 clean Room facility so we can safely open and work on your hard drives in a dust free static free envirnment ISO 5 Class 100 Clean Room


Data loss and corruption occur in various ways. A scenario we take great lengths to avoid at File Savers is platter contamination due to dust, hair, or smoke particles present in unfiltered air. A single particle can interrupt a read/write heads’ ability to interpret data stored on its drive’s platter. The platter needs to be kept immaculately clean or the drive may stop functioning—leading to data loss. It is critical to keep drive platters free of fingerprints and foreign materials. Some individuals concerned over the cost of data recovery services may opt to take apart their drives at home. This is the worst possible course of action. Dismantling a drive outside of a clean room environment will expose it to further contamination. The clean room environment is a separate, contained space with a special air filtration system that continuously cycles out particles, making it safe for our trained professionals to operate on your devices. This is the most effective way to ensure a successful recovery. Don’t send your irreplaceable information into an unsafe environment; call File Savers today to start your free diagnosis.


We understand what your data means to you. It’s your personal memories, your financial records, and the backbone of your business. If you work at Rush University Medical Center, or John H. Stroger Jr Hospital of Cook County, and you’ve lost patient data—that interrupts your ability to provide treatment. If the Cook County State’s Attorney office loses payroll data, they can’t file legal actions or prosecute criminals. Companies like Allstate rely on dynamic databases to store customer information, and without that information, they’re seriously impeded. For home users, we know that your data represents time spent with your family that you can never go back and relive. For organizations, we know that losing your data means losing your ability to serve your customers; it means losing your livelihood. We understand the immense distress data loss can cause. Our team exists to solve your problem. No matter what file type you have lost, we can recover it.

Our engineers can recover all file types, not just what is listed below. However, here’s a short list of file types we work with regularly:

  • Financial files- QuickBooks, Quicken, Microsoft Money, Sage
  • Databases- MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL, Access, Oracle
  • Emails- Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Exchange
  • Virtual Machines- VMware, Hyper-V
  • Websites- .html, .css, JavaScript
  • Images- .jpeg, .png, .tif, RAW images
  • Videos- .mp4, .mov, .avi, .wmv
  • CAD Files- AutoCAD, Solidworks
  • Music- Pro Tools, GarageBand, .mp3
  • Documents- Microsoft Word, Publisher, Adobe Acrobat
  • Spreadsheets- Excel, Lotus
  • Presentation Files- Power Point
  • Tax Files- Turbo Tax, TaxAct
  • Design- Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere
  • Data recovery is a delicate process that necessitates our ISO 5/Class 100 Clean Room environment and our state of the art labs. We have cutting-edge machines processing recoveries around the clock. Our operation is sophisticated and our employees are experts trained to handle any type of recovery, no matter how challenging. Our company has invested in the manpower, machinery, and technical expertise to provide you the best, and most reasonably priced, recovery services in Chicago.

    Reputable data recovery services can’t be replicated at home through a YouTube tutorial, or provided at an unrealistic price. In fact, contracting with companies that promise deceptively low prices can result in accelerated damage to your device, leading to a more expensive recovery, or making the recovery impossible. At File Savers we are going to take all the necessary measures to ensure that your recovery is successful; we value your data as if it were our own.


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    Since its creation in 1985, the Microsoft Windows operating system has eclipsed the personal computing market. It is the go-to operating system for manufacturers of desktop computers. Windows is widely represented in every aspect of computing technology and touches nearly every sector of professional and personal life. Whether a small business owner needs decades of financial records recovered from a Dell desktop with water damage, or a college professor’s scientific research needs to be restored from a broken solid state drive inside an Asus Zenbook—File Savers is ready to take on the job. We’ve worked diligently on recoveries with the NTFS filesystem; we know the Windows OS inside and out.
    Mac/Apple logo icon gray Mac/Apple logo gray


    Apple products are known for their versatility and ease of use for videographers, photographers, designers, and artists. Losing a long term creative portfolio, or years of family photos stored on a MacBook, is absolutely catastrophic. File Savers understands that your data is one of a kind. We are available 24 hours a day to provide emergency recovery services for products including (but not limited to) iMac, iMac Pro, Macbook, MacBook Pro, Macbook Air, Mac Mini, and even the MacBook’s earlier incarnation: the Powerbook Titanium G series laptops. We’ve worked extensively with Mac’s filesystems, HFS and HFS+. Our engineers also frequently handle cases involving Mac’s encryption language, FileVault, and have unparalleled expertise in Mac’s data backup software, Time Machine. We understand how professionally vital and deeply personal the data contained on these products are. Choosing File Savers Data Recovery for Mac products is the best way to ensure that your data is safe, intact, and restored to you –fast, and at a price point that other reputable data recovery companies can’t match.
    Linux Operating System logo Icon Linux Operating System logo Icon


    Initially developed for personal computing, Linux has since been repurposed for a wide variety of applications. Used in servers, embedded systems—and even modern supercomputers—it’s an open source system with many derivatives like Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and SUSE Linux. These derivatives may use the EXT2, EXT3, and EXT4 filesystems, or the XFS filesystem common with NAS devices. At File Savers, we have recovered data from RAID servers running the OS as well as a variety of network attached storage devices. Businesses store payroll data or other vital information on various NAS systems running Linux. If a hard drive attached to that system crashes or becomes corrupted, recovery services are necessary. File Savers has a solution for organizations in need of vital data recovery for exactly this scenario, at a fair, competitive price. File Savers’ engineers are the best and the most capable professionals to recover data for your Linux OS data storage systems. Don’t leave your personal or business data in the hands of other companies who set unrealistic timelines or make promises they can’t keep. File Savers will be here every step of the way to assist you in recovering your irreplaceable data.
    VMware logo icon VMware logo icon


    The development of VMware is a massive leap forward in computing technology. By enabling one server to host several virtual machines running different operating systems, the software has helped reduce the cost of maintaining servers in addition to conserving physical space. If your RAID server running VMware fails, you need the most experienced, patient, and rigorous engineers in the data recovery industry. If you are looking for the best in the business, File Savers is the obvious choice. Because VMware allows a server to store multiple virtual machines within one RAID system, if a drive is damaged, it means a separate recovery for each virtual machine contained in the system, like peeling back the layers of an onion. When VMware is involved, success requires complete mastery of the data recovery process and a thorough understanding of VWware’s filesystem, VMFS. That’s why you need to choose File Savers. Our engineers are aware of what corrupted data or damaged drives can do to a complex VMware system, and we are prepared to do whatever it takes to get your data back.
    Android Operating System Logo Icon Android Operating System Logo Icon


    In 2011, Google’s Android became the most popular OS in the world across all mobile devices. Its structure is based on Linux OS and it uses the same filesystem: EXT2, EXT3 or the most recent version, EXT4. File Savers is well equipped to handle data retrieval for products like the Google Pixel, Motorola Moto G6, OnePlus 6T, Samsung Galaxy S10 and previous versions, and the Samsung Galaxy Note series. We’re also happy to work with Android devices manufactured by Asus, LG, and Blackberry. Android OS prevails in the modern tablet market. Samsung’s Galaxy S4 tablet as well as Lenovo’s Tab 4 10 Plus, the Asus Zenpad and the Pixel Slate are all worthy competitors to Apple’s iPad line. Our engineers are experts in data restoration for all of the Android OS devices presented here and countless more, as the OS has exploded in popularity. If you’ve lost data from a damaged or malfunctioning Android device of any kind, call File Savers to discuss a free diagnosis!
    IOS operating system logo icon iOS operating system logo icon


    From the release of the first iPod in October of 2001, which contained a hard disk drive, to the modern iPhone X—which stores data in an internal solid state drive—the iOS operating system and its accompanying products have redefined the world’s relationship with data. Not only can we recover data from the older generation iPods of yesterday, our engineers are unsurpassed in proficiency with retrievals on the iPad, iPad Pro, iPad Mini, and all versions of the iPhone. Our team is prepared to take on data recoveries involving the AFPS filesystem used by all iOS devices. Mobile devices are an integral part of modern life; the loss of precious photos or important text messages kept on an iPhone may seem irreversible. File Savers will not give up until we can either recover your data from your iPhone or iOS device, or definitively prove that is not recoverable. In the unlikely chance that we can’t recover your data, there is no charge for the recovery attempt. Our mission at File Savers is to give our customers the best possible chance for data restoration for iOS devices, and to provide the best customer service experience throughout all steps in the data recovery process.
    UNIX operating system logo icon UNIX operating system logo icon


    Unix is an open source operating system designed with computer programmers in mind. It has several versions; examples include SunOS, Solaris, OpenServer, and Ultrix. Modern machines using Unix OS will have the BSD filesystem, also known as UFS. The engineers at File Savers are well-versed with Unix and have successfully recovered data from servers running the OS. Our engineers are prepared to take on any and all of your data recovery needs for servers or other systems; don’t hesitate to call us today for more info!
    Novell operating system logo icon Novell operating system logo icon


    Though updates on Novell’s NetWare OS were discontinued in 2009, the operating system’s technology was instrumental in the development of Local Area Networks. Additionally, its filesystem, NSS, is still supported on some versions of Linux. Our engineers are familiar with NSS and can recover data from machines using it. Some businesses and individuals still opt to utilize servers running NetWare, but as it becomes more and more antiquated—the likelihood of server failure, and subsequent data loss, increases. When this happens, File Savers engineers will work around the clock to restore your lost data. Give us a call today to discuss data recovery options for servers running Novell’s NetWare OS!


    Ultimately, we need to examine your device in our clean room to give you an accurate answer to this question. Data storage technology is extremely complex and no two failures are the same. We perform a free evaluation so we can determine the exact nature of your device’s failure and give you a realistic quote for the recovery. However, we want you to have an idea of what to expect moving forward. Keep in mind that a clear diagnosis doesn’t always mean a simple recovery. We will be able to give you more information about your specific situation as your recovery progresses.

    In the meantime, here’s a short list of common points of failure for popular data storage devices:

    Hard Disk Drive: Read-write head crashes, platter damage, head preamp electrical failure, stiction, PCB failures, firmware corruption, motor malfunctions. Particle contamination from botched home recovery attempts will worsen other failures, likely making recovery impossible.

    Solid State Drive: Firmware problems, cell degradation, NAND chip failures, bad sectors, controller failures, various electrical problems.

    RAID: Multiple drive failures, hardware issues on the host machine, controller failure, general user errors. Vulnerable to any hard drive failures described above occurring to one or more drives in the system.

    USB: Broken tips, controller failures, NAND chip failures, various electrical failures.

    Camera Card: Controller failures, NAND chip failures, various physical damages.

    Smart Phone: Firmware failures, software corruption, water damage, physical damage, electrical issues.

    NAS: Network Attached Storage devices have the same vulnerabilities to data loss as RAIDs, HDD’s, and SSD’s depending on which is used in the system.

    Virtualization: Any and all of the devices listed here could be set up for virtualization. It’s possible to experience logical errors from software updates, or physical errors like bad sectors, which can prevent access or damage virtual machines in the system. Separate virtual machines will require entirely separate recoveries.


    Our company has a belief system that drives the way we do business; and it sets us apart from competitors. To sum it up: we never take the easy way out. Whereas other companies will give up on a recovery in favor of profit—we will keep trying, even if it means losing money. Competitors will declare a drive unrecoverable because the solution doesn’t come easily. Our engineers will push themselves to assimilate new knowledge and solve the problem. Because of this strong focus on research and development, our engineers’ expertise is constantly expanding. That means we’ll be able to handle cases that other companies in the industry can’t.

    Chicago’s businesses like Boeing, United Continental Holdings, Exelon, and Walgreens all rely on data storage. If you’re an employee at one of these companies, or just an individual looking to recover personal data, you need to work with a company who cares deeply about your needs as a customer. The File Savers team is here to work on your data recovery problem for you, so you can go back to enjoying a Bears game. We think about the intricacies of data recovery so you can focus on positive things: like the Cubs winning the 2016 World Series, and breaking the Curse of the Billy Goat! We know what an interruption data loss can be, which is why we make sure that our customer service team is second to none.

    Chicago’s businesses like Boeing, United Continental Holdings, Exelon, and Walgreens all rely on data storage. If you’re an employee at one of these companies, or just an individual looking to recover personal data, you need to work with a company who cares deeply about your needs as a customer. The File Savers team is here to work on your data recovery problem for you, so you can go back to enjoying a Bears game. We think about the intricacies of data recovery so you can focus on positive things: like the Cubs winning the 2016 World Series, and breaking the Curse of the Billy Goat! We know what an interruption data loss can be, which is why we make sure that our customer service team is second to none.


    We offer the fastest 24/7 Emergency data recovery service to
    Chicago businesses with time critical data.

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    24/7 Around the Clock Emergency Service Data Recovery


    During data recovery, your requirements for timeframe and cost are unique. There are severe time constraints in certain cases. For example, if you are an engineering firm like Collins Engineers, Inc., and you lose CAD Files related to an important project—you would need to retrieve those files by the date that your client’s work was due. Not all cases are as time sensitive. We recognize that your needs are specific to your situation. Please note that our times for case completion are all estimates—as there can be unforeseen issues during data retrieval. In the instance that a recovery takes longer than anticipated, our customer service team will keep you up to date on all progress. Further, RAID recoveries, regardless of the service option chosen, will not require a diagnostic process. Take a second to read the options we have for data recovery in Chicago, so you can make the best choice for you and your data:

    Emergency: 1 - 2 days estimated to finalize the recovery. There’s no diagnostic for Emergency cases. As soon as we receive the drive in our lab, the recovery starts. It doesn’t matter if the case comes in on nights or weekends; the team will start working on it right away. We won’t go home until the job is done. The engineers will work around the clock. The sales team will be available 24/7 to provide support and updates as needed. Since this is our highest service level you can expect a higher final quote—but your data is valuable—and we are ready to match that value with our comprehensive Emergency services.

    Rush: 2 - 5 days estimated to finalize the recovery. The team will work on Rush cases during normal business hours, prioritizing them over Standard Service cases. We have several dedicated recovery machines in our lab processing cases 24/7, but when you request a Rush recovery, rest assured that your device will be pushed to the front of the line.

    Standard: 7 - 14 days estimated to finalize the recovery. Standard service level includes a free diagnosis. Once we complete the diagnosis, we’ll check in with you to establish a firm price, and to verify your approval before getting started. This will be the final quote; it will not change as we move forward together. The engineers will start working on the recovery in the order that your approval is received. There may be other devices ahead of yours, so it’s important to get in touch with us as soon as possible to confirm that you’d like to go ahead with the recovery!



    If you have a hard drive, SSD, smart phone, or other data storage device that’s malfunctioning, manufacturers prefer that you send their products to a reputable data recovery company. File Savers is one of the best data recovery companies in Chicago. Please be aware, if you opt to disassemble the device yourself against our advice, you’ll severely decrease your odds for a successful recovery.

    When you send a device to File Savers, one of the first things our engineers will do is determine whether or not the manufacturer’s seal on the device has been broken. Even if you didn’t physically open up the device, and just broke the seal, we still have to consider the device as if it has been opened. This means we’ll need to go through steps to determine the extent of any extra damage in addition to dealing with the problem you called in about. We can’t stress enough: don’t operate on your device at home. Data recovery requires care and precision—which can only be achieved in a professional environment. Manufacturers know this, which is why they trust File Savers to operate on their products—so much so that they’ll preserve warranties even after we’ve taken apart their products in our lab.


    Our team promises to treat your data as if it were our own. We won’t give up on your lost data until we’ve exhausted every possible avenue to recover it. If we can’t do it, most likely, no one can. We can promise this because our engineers stay on the cutting edge of the industry.

    We promise to prioritize you and your situation over profit, and over our own personal lives. Every member of our team is dedicated to serving you.

    You need to rely on a company that you can trust. We promise to keep your files absolutely confidential. We’ll go beyond what is required to keep your data safe & secure.

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