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Beyond Certified

Certifications are achieved by those who go to school to learn data recovery from an expert. File Savers Engineers are pioneers in the craft of data recovery and continue to lead in R&D efforts in finding new solutions to overcome extreme mechanically failed hard drive cases. While we do not offer classes to certify others in the craft of data recovery, we certainly could if we wanted to.

Most Reasonable Prices For Individuals

Our goal is to continually make advanced clean room data recovery affordable to almost anyone. We understand that individual home users are looking for the best possible value to recover their precious photos, videos and personal documents. Our Budget data recovery service allows us to provide this option to our clients giving them the lowest prices in the country for this level of clean room data recovery service. We also perform free evaluations of your hard drive so we can determine the exact failure and price before beginning any work and we never charge you for the recovery efforts if we can't recover your data.

Fastest Service for Your Business

When your business has lost important or critical data, you likely need it back very fast so you can continue doing business without loosing your credibility and the trust of your customers, employees and partners. We also understand there are different levels of loss and the ramifications are different for every situation. That's why we offer three levels of service depending on your specific situation. We offer 24/7 Emergency service which is the fastest turnaround time in the country. We also offer a 2-4 day Rush service and a 5-9 day Standard service.

We Won't Give Up!

We won't give up until we have exhausted every possible solution to recover your files.....Even if it takes us longer or is more difficult than our original quoted time frame. This is where most of our R&D comes from! Many data recovery companies look at each individual case in dollars and cents but we go beyond that. We look at the long term rewards that come from spending the time to learn and discover new solutions to difficult problems. Once we discover a new solution we are often able to use it over and over for many customers in the future. This also give us a higher recovery rate than our competitors.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to make our advanced clean room data recovery services affordable to almost everyone. We promise to always be advancing in our knowledge, skills and technology and to never give up until we have exhausted every possible solution to recover your data. We will strive to perfect our customer service skills and capabilities and we will never become complacent in our learning because we know we can always improve.

Our Promise

Our promise is to do everything possible to recover the data within our estimated and agreed upon time frames. We will maintain updates throughout the recovery process so that we can maintain proper exceptions and we will not give up on your case until we have exhausted every possible solution to recover your files. We will always base our prices on the actual failure and the difficulty of the situation rather than the perceived value of your data.