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File Savers Data Recovery - Wisconsin

Data Recovery Services For All Wisconsin Businesses & Individuals When Your Hard Drive, Flash Drive or RAID Is Failed, Crashed Or Not Recognized!

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Our Milwaukee, WI data recovery service center office building

File Savers Data Recovery | Milwaukee

500 W. Silver Spring Drive, Suite K-200
Glendale, Wisconsin, 53217

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We Specialize in Recovering Data From Failed Laptop Hard Drives, Desktop Hard Drives, External Hard Drives, RAID Arrays, NAS Devices, SSD's, Flash Drives and Camera Cards for all Wisconsin Based Businesses and Personal Home Users. If You're Not Close to Our Office, We Will Pay to FedEx Your Failed Media Device Directly To Our Lab For a Free Evaluation.


Manufacturer Approved to Recover Your Files

When your computer hard drive, RAID or flash drive fails, you need to know the company recovering it can do the job properly. File Savers Data Recovery Wisconsin is Manufacturer Approved to recover hard drives, RAID and flash media for our customers in our ISO 5 Class 100 clean room. Our experienced data recovery engineers will work tirelessly to recover your data. We recover data from all.....

Bullet Point Laptop Hard Drive Recovery, Desktop Hard Drive Recovery, USB External Hard Drive Recovery and SSD Drive Recovery
Bullet Point RAID Recovery from all RAID arrays including RAID 5, 0, 1, 10, 6, 50, and more...
Bullet Point All NAS Recovery (Network Attached Storage) devices
Bullet Point USB Flash Drive Recovery, Camera Card Recovery and CD/DVD Recovery
Bullet Point Camera cards, CF, SD, XD and Memory Stick
Bullet Point Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix, Novell, VMFS (VMware)


Data Recovery Service Options

Whether your one of our long time business customers based here in Wisconsin or a new home user customer that needs the lowest possible price, we have data recovery options for you. We offer 24/7 Emergency, 2-5 day Rush, 5-10 day Standard and our 2-3 week Budget service depending on how quickly you need your data recovered. You pick your service based on your situation and recovery needs.


How Much Will It Cost To Recovery My Data?

We know you want the best possible service at the lowest possible price. That's why we offer the best prices in the industry to our Wisconsin based customers for full service clean room data recovery. We don't know of another company who will provide a better service, recovery rates or prices anywhere in Wisconsin. Our data recovery specialists are trained to consult with you and set the proper expectations so we can better help you understand what your data recovery project will likely cost before you ever bring or send your drive to our Wisconsin based office for data recovery.


Emergency Data Recovery Service for Our Wisconsin Based Business Customers

When your server, RAID or computer fails and you've lost important or time critical data, you need it recovered immediately! File Savers Data Recovery in Wisconsin is here to help! Our engineers are trained and prepared to provide 24 hour service to recover your files as quickly as possible. Whether its your laptop hard drive, desktop hard drive, external hard drive or RAID server, we can help you today! Most emergency cases we see in Wisconsin contain time critical data such as....

Bullet Point File Servers: Office Documents, word, excel, PDF, pictures, etc...
Bullet Point Accounting Servers: (QuickBooks, Peachtree)
Bullet Point Database Servers: Microsoft SQL, MySQL, Sybase, Oracle, File Maker, etc..
Bullet Point Email Servers: Microsoft Exchange, etc...
Bullet Point Media Servers: Video and pictures
Bullet Point Domain Servers: Website hosting servers
Bullet Point Virtual Machine Servers: ESX Servers (VMware), Hyper-V, etc...


Most Common HDD Failure Types and what to do Next

Here at File Savers Data Recovery, we have seen and recovered data from virtually every type of media failure known to man. From natural disasters like flood, fire and lightning to accidental damage like being dropped or abused. We recover hard drives that have been thrown, smashed and even run over by a car. As long as the platters that store your data are not seriously damaged, we can likely recover your data. Sometimes the worst failures are when a hard drive fails all by itself. No matter what type of hard drive failure your experiencing, our trained and certified data recovery engineers will always give you the best chance of a successful recovery.

Bullet Point Clicking, beeping, buzzing
Bullet Point Dead, not spinning, burnt electrical smell
Bullet Point Not spinning and making humming or buzzing sounds
Bullet Point Not recognized by computer
Bullet Point Cant access files
Bullet Point Errors or crashes when attempting to open files.
Bullet Point Asks to be formatted
Bullet Point Blue screen or black screens / operating system failure

If your experiencing any of the failure symptoms above and you have data that you can't afford to lose, power off your computer, server or hard drive immediately. This will help prevent further damage and ensure the best chance of recovering your important files.


Your Data is Safe & Secure Because We Are HIPPA & PCI Compliant

When your business loses government regulated data such as patient or financial information, you need to make sure you choose a HIPPA & PCI compliant company to recover your data. HIPPA & PCI compliance is vital when dealing with a data recovery company in the state of Wisconsin because you need to know your government regulated data is kept private and secure throughout the data recovery process. We can even return your recovered data on an encrypted hard drive for added security.


Why Choose File Savers Data Recovery

Besides all the other reasons above...... We Won't Give Up: Until we have exhausted every possible solution to recover your data. Sure we have all the best equipment and a great clean room but what separates File Savers from our competitors is our determination to recover data from even the most complicated and difficult cases. When others give up because it doesn't make sense financially to continue, it's to difficult or they simply don't have a solution.... File Savers presses forward until there is nothing left to try. We continually recover data from failed hard drives and RAID servers that other well known specialized data recovery companies have called unrecoverable.



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Manufacture Approved to Recover Data From All Hard Drive Brands!

Seagate Hard Drive Data Recovery Western Digital hard drive data recovery Toshiba hard drive data recovery Hitachi hard drive data recovery Samsung hard drive data recovery Fujitsu hard data recovery HGST hard drive data recovery Quantum hard drive data recovery Maxtor hard drive data recovery IBM hard drive data recovery

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